Fossil Fuel Free Investing

Because What's In Your Portfolio Matters


Investors who believe investing in the fossil fuel stocks is reckless and irresponsible should consider removing energy companies from their portfolios.

Aside from the ideology behind divesting from fossil fuels, there are real portfolio implications investors should understand before adopting a fossil fuel free investing strategy. For example, should you replace the fossil fuel energy companies with alternative energy companies? Will your returns suffer?

Not only is it our goal to clearly define what fossil fuel free investing means to you (there is more than one definition), but we'll help you understand the potential impacts of divestment to your asset allocation as well as expected risk & returns.




As You Sow has developed a unique screener to help investors mine their mutual funds for fossil fuel stocks. Enter your holdings to instantly receive a report detailing:

  • Exposure to coal, oil, and natural gas stocks. 

  • Exposure to fossil-fired utilities. 

  • Socially responsible rating based on Morningstar criteria.

  • Carbon footprint compared to the stock market.

  • Trailing returns compared to stock benchmarks.