Sustainable Investing

Invest Smarter With A Modern Sustainable Investing Strategy

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Sustainable investing considers moral values in addition to conventional considerations such as risk, return, cost, and tax efficiency. This is accomplished with ESG screening, an acronym for Environmental, Social, and Governance.


Sustainable investing means different things to different people. Aspen Leaf Wealth Management educates clients regarding socially responsible investing considerations such as weapons, racism, and fossil fuels. Building upon those negative screens, we tilt towards companies that treat employees, society, and the planet better than average. The result is a portfolio that not only performs well, but also creates impact that can be measured, quantified, and reported to shareholders. 

Sustainable investing has been around for decades. To understand performance, investors should reference the KLD 400 Social Index, which dates back to 1990. The index tracks U.S. companies with above-average environmental, social, & governance scores. Historically, the index has mirrored its parent benchmark. 

Cumulative Performance, Net Returns, Aug 2010 - Jul 2021

KLD 400 Social Index Performance

Source: MSCI KLD 400 Social Index (USD) Factsheet, July 2021


Aspen Leaf Wealth Management clients hire us to feel good about the companies they're investing in. We offer models that blend aspects of socially responsible investing and impact investing, all of which can be customized based on your specific ESG Investing Screens. Read more about different portfolio options Here